Jelisa Smith

Helping women create freedom, flexibility, & fulfillment in their lives & work

Every woman needs to build her personal brand so she can get paid for being herself and do work that fulfills her without compromising her values, health, or quality time with those she loves, as she is expected to do in the corporate world.

"When our work reflects our purpose, we make the World a much better place"

Hey👋🏾 I'm Jelisa!

I've went from crying on my hour drive to work to do work I hated that didn't fulfill me for people who didn't care about me... to building a 7 figure business with my husband that allowed me to resign from that job and never look back.

I'm super passionate about women building a purposeful & profitable personal brand because it allows us to not only do work that fulfills us, but fully show up for our loved ones. There are so many women who want MORE out of life but are stuck in soul sucking jobs & dead-end relationships due to lack of belief or lack of funds.

Building a brand and business around your purpose & passion is absolutely possible by leveraging social media. And I teach you how to do it in the simplest & most stress free way possible...because your life is already complex enough!

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